How to Display Document Images

Instrument (e.g., deeds, mortgages, wills, marriage licenses, etc.) and security agreement (e.g., title lien statement, chattel mortgages) records are available for inquiry as noted in the What’s Available link off the eCCLIX Records Lookup web page for each site.

For those records with associated images, the number of pages contained in the document will display under the Book/Page column on the index record. When a document index record is selected (by clicking on the number/name box), the image will automatically be displayed following the index record detail.

If you do not wish to utilize the plug-in (required for TIFF image display), you may select the JPEG or PDF file for display. These files are much larger than the TIFF image file, so you should have a high-speed communication line if you wish to utilize this method for display. For frequent users, the plug-in is recommended. Typically, much faster load times and a better quality image is experienced when utilizing the plug-in.

For optimum image viewing, your monitor screen size should be maximized. [For Windows 95 users, go to SETTINGS from the START menu, followed by CONTROL PANEL, followed by DISPLAY, followed by SETTINGS to allow 800 x 600 pixels viewability; for Windows 98 and above, 1024 by 768 pixels].